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Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #15: A Talk with Soundexchange

Host Jim Jesse talks with Soundexchange's Linda Bloss-Baum, Sr. Director of Artist and Industry Relations with the company. They discuss what Soundexchagne does, how it fits into music royalties, the recent Music Modernization Act, and how artists can collect money from them.

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Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #14: A Talk with Entertainment Law Professor Stan Soocher

Jim Jesse talks to Stan Soocher, Associate Professor of Music & Entertainment Law at the University of Colorado-Denver, and author of Baby You're a Rich Man: Suing The Beatles for Fun & Profit. They discuss John Lennon's legal battles over "Come Together" and the famous "My Sweet Lord" copyright infringement case.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #13: An Interview with BMI's Executive Director of Industry Relations

Host Jim Jesse interview Jessica Frost, Executive Director of Industry Relations for BMI. They discuss what BMI does, what businesses need to know about public performance of music, and so much more.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #12: Our Top 10 v. Greatest Albums of All Time Part 1

Host Jim Jesse is joined in person by his friends Matt and Gavin as they reveal numbers 10 through 6 and distinguish the difference between "greatest" and "best of."

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #11: Our Top 5 v. Greatest Albums of All Time

Jim, Matt and Gavin reveal their Top 5 favorite albums of all time and their "greatest" albums list.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #10: The Creator's Series - Improv Comedy

Host Jim Jesse is joined by Matthew WJ Mitchell, who does improv comedy and solo show in NYC. They talk about his journey, craft, and how he earns a living as a creator.

Rock n' Roll Podcast #9: The General Counsel of CDbaby

Joel Andrew, the General Counsel for CDbaby, the world's largest indie music distributor and publisher talks about his journey from the mailroom to GC. He and host Jim Jesse discuss the new world of digital music and its legal issues.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #8: Joint Authorship and the Battle over Chuck Berry's Songs

Law Professor Tim McFarlin talks about joint authorship and the court case of Johnnie Johnson v. Chuck Berry, and the battle over the authorship of some of the most seminal songs in rock history. Tim and host Jim Jesse talk about the difficulties courts have in determining authorship given the current statutory and case law, plus some great rock history.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #7: Top 10 British Bands

Otherwise known as the greatest rock bands of all time. Hear who made the cut and in what order. There's some not-so-obvius picks from a punk band with one record to an 80's hit band. Hosted by Jim Jesse, with his friends Matt and Al.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #6: The American Artist List Omnibus

Host Jim Jesse brings his friend Al in for his Top 10 American solo artist list; his list starts out with some surprises. Then, Jim, Al, Matt and Gavin all chime in on their recriminations and we wrap up our lists of American bands and solo artists.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #5: An Entertainment Lawyer's Perspective

Host Jim Jesse talks to Kansas City entertainment lawyer Harris Wilder on how to practice some entertainment law in a city not known for it. Hear how he got started and the musicians he met along the way.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #4: Top 10 American Solo Artists

Hear host Jim Jesse and his friends Matt and Gavin try to pare down the giants of American solo artists to 10, from Motown to Rock and beyond. There are only two artists on all three lists. You will not believe what member of the Jackson family was included or excluded, Gavin’s bold (or crazy?) choices, and the three different number one’s. Please note, this was recorded prior to Chuck Berry's death.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #3: The Basics of Book Publishing

Literary attorney Denise Gibbon talks about how self-publishing has changed the industry; what authors need to avoid regarding self-publishing; what authors need to know about book advances, publishing contracts, and literally agents; plus, who owns the copyright in a book.

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #2: What Musicians Need to Know About Trademarks

Trademark attorney Cheryl Burbach gives musicians and bands the nuts and bolts of what they need to know to protect their brand, including what is a trademark, how to get one, and things artists need to know before they get started about their name. Plus, she drops a Menudo and Toad the Wet Sprocket reference!

Rock n' Roll Law Podcast #1: Top 10 American Bands

Host Jim Jesse, with his friends Matt and Al, go through their top 10 American bands of all time.

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