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“This was by far the best CLE class that I ever attended."
“I have attended other seminars on copyright law and your webinar was far and away superior to any of them.”
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"It was engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. I highly recommend it."
"Jim’s CLE presentations are the best I have ever attended in over 40 years of practicing law."

Both the Lawyer's Manual and the Musician's one is the definitive guide to Music Copyright Law in the Digital Age.

The Musician's Guide to Music Copyright Law (2nd ed.)

In this book you will learn: The 10 rules every artist should know; What is a copyright and how to get one; Why it is important to register your copyrights; The two copyrights in every song; What is music publishing; The exclusive rights you get with every copyright ; All the revenue streams songs generate; A checklist for new releases; The digital revolution and the new model of streaming; Joint authorship, works-made-for-hire, and more music licensing ; Music copyright infringement cases... and so much more!

The Music Copyright Manual (3rd Ed)

The Music Copyright Manual (3rd ed.) is the essential guide to Music Copyright Law in this digital age. The book is divided in four main sections. In section one, you will learn what is copyright and how to establish one, along with copyright duration and transfer, and what is music publishing. In section two, you will learn all the exclusive rights you get with a copyright and the money streams associated with those rights and how to take advantage of those. You will also learn the keys to joint authorship and what a work-for-hire is and how to retain full ownership of your songs. Section three covers the new realities of the digital music world, including the most recent right of digital audio transmission. You will learn about the revenue sources from music streaming, Youtube, and master recordings. In the final section, music copyright infringement is discussed. You will learn what a plaintiff must prove, defenses, damages, and how to avoid being sued for copyright infringement. The second edition is all new, revised, better organized, and updated, including: —expanded section on copyright infringement; —new copyright cases involving Katy Perry, Madonna, and an update on the Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” case; —new section on The Music Modernization Act, the MLC, and new cases on music copyright issues; —new sections on live streaming, using beats, and streaming rates —updates on when you can sue for infringement, limitations on registrations, and more.

"I have an ownership interest in a recording studio and wanted to learn more about the business side of the music industry.  I expect to revisit these materials often and plan to change our business model based on lessons learned in Jim’s presentation."

Gary Miller, Tampa FL attorney

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"I found this to be an excellently written, highly informative book. I recommend it to any attorney needing an in depth understanding of current copyright issues, but also to any musician who needs a better understanding of the business of music. As an attorney I know I will study this book most carefully."

David james trapp
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"I represent a recording studio and several artists and writers.  This CLE was right on par with the work I do.  It was both entertaining and informative!  Thank you."

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