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The Essentials of Music Copyright Law in 100 Minutes

Learn everything you need to know about music copyright law. Learn what is a copyright, how to get one, why it's important to register your songs, and all the important rights and revenues you get with music copyrights.

"Jim’s CLE presentations are the best I have ever attended in over 40 years of practicing law. Jim knows his stuff and makes everything interesting for the audience."

Bob Hiller, Topeka, KS attorney

Rock N' Roll Law Course Descriptions

Interested in learning more about music copyright law? Rock N' Roll Law offers a number of CLE courses that cover the basics of music copyright law, ethics and cutting edge issues affecting musical artists today.

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"Although I had to brave traffic to attend your course live, that included an overnight stay, I feel lucky to have been in the room today.   It’s not “regular” CLE! It was engaging, intelligent, fun and professional as music law ought to be and I would recommend the course to others.  I’m inspired."

Karina Tiwana, CA attorney
The Musician's Guide to Music Copyright Law

In this book you will learn: The 10 rules every artist should know; What is a copyright and how to get one; Why it is important to register your copyrights; The two copyrights in every song; What is music publishing; The exclusive rights you get with every copyright ; All the revenue streams songs generate; A checklist for new releases; The digital revolution and the new model of streaming; Joint authorship, works-made-for-hire, and more music licensing ; Music copyright infringement cases... and so much more!

The Music Copyright Manual

Learn the 10 Rules Every Artist or Band should know about music copyright law, the two copyrights in every song, the two worlds of music, and all the revenue streams that songs generate. The Music Copyright Manual is the essential guide to Music Copyright Law in this digital age.

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