“The most fun I have ever had at a CLE presentation in more than 30 years of practice.”
“This was by far the best CLE class that I ever attended."
“I have attended other seminars on copyright law and your webinar was far and away superior to any of them.”
"This is not your average, boring CLE!"
"It’s not 'regular' CLE ... I’m inspired."
"It was engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. I highly recommend it."
"Jim’s CLE presentations are the best I have ever attended in over 40 years of practicing law."

Critics agree, Rock N' Roll Law Is The Most Fun CLE You'll Attend!

“A very practical band-centered (client-centered) overview of copyright for lawyers guiding bands, band members and songwriters through awkward business decisions, with an engaging story to go with it.”

George Neil Skene, Tallahassee, FL attorney

"This is not your average, boring CLE! The presentation is full of interesting, real world case studies, music samples and useful information."

robert tuttle

"I would go to a lot more CLE courses if they were all this good. "

W. David Slomski

"If all CLEs were this good, lawyers would spend all their time in auditoriums. "

Lamar oxford

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